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Is University made for you?

By Lisa Flachy

After your high school graduation, you have several choices for your future education. It is probably one of the hardest choice for a high school student. As most of young graduated people, I chose to go to the university. There, I studied physics for a year and eventually realized that the university system was not for me. As a former uni student, I feel enough confident to tell you what are the “pros” and “cons” of the university system.

What really appeals young graduated people about university is that it offers more freedom than any other system. You are probably going to live on your own, far away from your parents: will be independent, eventually! You have a lot more “grown-up” work to do in addition to university “homework”, so to speak. And I am not saying it is a bad thing, because, obviously, we will need to do it sooner or later; But it is really hard to juggle with your “homework”, your social life, your student job (if you have one) and all the red tape.

Concerning the university system itself, as I said, you have a lot of freedom. You can choose what subject you are going to study, and, if you happen to not like it, you can change it (if you do it within the conditions, of course). The study hours are up to your decision, if you want to start at 10am, you can totally do it: no explanation needed! But starting at the time you want has consequences. Let’s say you want to start at 10am, it means you did not attend two hours beforehand, implying a loss of valuable knowledge. It can be very risky to ride on this wave, because, in the end, you can fail your final exams.

We will now focus on the process of a university lecture. Once everyone is sitting, the lecture starts: one professor for two hundred students. If you are lucky you might be sitting on the front row and be able to hear everything. If you are not … good luck my friend! Trust me, being at the back of the amphitheatre will drive you crazy, you won’t be able to hear most of what the lecturer says. The large amount of student can also make it difficult for you to make friends. But, luckily, you don’t have lectures every time, sometimes you are divided in smaller groups for specific subjects. You will be more likely to meet your friends in these small groups than in the amphitheatre. In the end, it is all a matter of willingness and perseverance.

My advice for all of you who would like to go to the university: be prepared! To put in a nutshell, university is made for autonomous, rigorous and hard-working people who can be independent.

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