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Is an unpaid internship abroad worth it?

Many people want to find a job after their studies without having thought about doing an internship. Some people want to complete one but they don’t know if an unpaid internship is useful when they could do a paid one.

In this article I am going to show you why it is a good choice to do an unpaid internship.

First of all, absolving an internship abroad is over all a challenge. Am I brave enough to make this choice? Am I capable of doing this? You might worry about these questions and many more. Finally you will see that an internship abroad (even if unpaid) is really worth it! You get to know yourself better, you will do things that you thought were impossible for you. All these things are only for your personal achievement.

With an internship abroad your greatest achievement will be on the professional level.You will be confronted with the “real” world and it will be your first experience on the labour market.

In your company you won’t have the choice, you will have to speak their language and not your mother tongue. Be ready to improve your language skills then!

It will be a real opportunity to improve your skills. Moreover, once you go back to your country, the internship will add extra experience to your CV.

It is really important for the recruiters to have a person who has been to a foreign country because it proves them that you are an independent person, not afraid of changes!

Absolving an internship will make you the BEST person for the job vacancy.

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