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Is advertising killing us?

According to Kotler, advertising is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services through mass media, such as newspapers, magazines, television or radio by an identified sponsor. Today we are overwhelmed with advertising. Indeed some people said that advertising pollutes their street and their landscape. Thus, advertising seems to have a negative impact in our society. It seems that companies do not care about us, they just want to increase their sales in order to earn more money.

Is advertising killing people?

According to environmentalists advertising make us pollute more. Indeed, companies want us to always consume. They do not want us stopping buying things because it will not increase their sales. That is why companies always innovate to attract consumers to buy their products or services. Today simple things are not enough, we want the last innovation even if our “old” product works. This trend encourages us to squander and thus increases our earth pollution. There is not only the air pollution. Advertising also pollutes our vision. To solve this problem Sao Paulo’s administration bans advertising on the street because citizens were complaining that they could not appreciate their own city any more.

Advertising also does not care about people. Indeed, most of the time companies like making shocking advertising because it is easier to remind something that is shocking than something that is not. However, they do not consider that children could watch that: it is not normal that a child is used to watch the head cut of Santa Claus.

Moreover, advertising goal is to be a purveyor of dreams. It deforms the reality in order to make it looks better than it is or make it worse in order to make us buying their products. By advertising, companies let us belief if we buy their product we will have a lot of happiness in our life and this works. Indeed, there are more and more people who can not accept the reality because it is too difficult.

An other advertising consequence is that it creates social classes. Indeed, advertising sales a social image. For example, if you can afford these types of product you may be considered as a rich or a poor person.

Hopefully, now, public authorities try to limit advertising in all public places. For example, in 2007 Sao Paulo banned billboards and outdoor advertising because of the visual pollution and other countries try to take example. Another idea is to put taxes on advertising like alcohol and cigarettes: States will earn money and people will have less advertising. This idea is good if companies do not increase their product prices in order to counterbalance what they have to pay to publish their advertising.

To conclude, it is true that advertising can have negative impacts on people when there are no regularizations. However, do not forget that advertising can have positive impacts on people like prevention about health. In order to have a balance between positive and negative impacts companies have to think about customer needs and wants before earning money.

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