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Impress during Interviews

Daniel Jimenez

When you are doing an interview to get a job, the first impression is very important. Your CV can be amazing, but if your first image is not good, you will never get the job. There are some basic things that you should do. Some small details which will make a big difference.

Here are some recommendations in order to impress everyone from the moment you enter the building until the interview.

Be polite to everybody: When you arrive in the building everybody is important, from receptionists and chars to the general manager. The person who will decide if you are hired or not could ask to different people about their first impressions about you. In order to get that right, you should smile and handshake the first time you meet someone, always keep eye contact when you are speaking and always say thank you.

Dress code: Your appearance will give people a lot of information about you. You have to dress formally but according to you job. You should search the dress code of your workplace. Dressing too smart is as bad as dressing too informal.

Be on time: You should arrive on time but not too much, 10 or 15 minutes before. There are two explanations to that. On the one hand, think about your image: If you arrive late, your image will be pessimal and if you arrive too early, you could seem impatient. On the other hand, think about yourself: some studies show that your nervousness in a job interview decreases after 8 minutes waiting and it increases after 20 minutes waiting.

Here are now some recommendations to impress during your interview:

Get information about the company: Before your interview, you have to research and learn as much as possible about the company, its culture, its products, its suppliers, its markets, its clients, its philosophy, its managers, its directors etcetera. The more you know, the easier you will impress your interviewer and they will see that you really want this job.

Good interaction: You should communicate fluently with your interviewer and you have to transmit a relax and confident image. Do not make grammar mistakes, speak clearly, sit up straight in your chair, make eye contact, answer the questions politely and keep smiling.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that all of these recommendations are very useful, you will not spend a lot of time to memorise it and the results will be much better. Finally, do not forget to be yourself.

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