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How to use psychology with marketing

To understand the customer, the marketing department can study his behaviour. So, we can link marketing and psychology. The marketing department has to understand the purchasing behaviour by doing surveys about it. But you need mathematical and statistical knowledge in order to do that. You should try to explain this purchasing behaviour to anticipate the success or the failure of the sales and to reduce the financial risks. You also should try to influence and change the purchasing behaviour of the customer. To do this, you need to use psychology for the communication.

To understand the psychological part of the customer, you should study the behaviour. There are 3 different types of behaviours :

Cognitive: Which is about the beliefs of a person in a product or a brand. You should know how the customer perceives your product or your brand, this is why you have to use psychology during your marketing search.

Affective: Which deals with feelings of the customer

Conative: Which is the predisposition to buy.

There are 8 human indicators to optimize the relationship between the customer and the brand.

– Use the reciprocity. Usually, if you offer a service to someone, it will reward you. So if you supply coupons or gifts to the customer, he will buy something because he thinks that you gave him something important. It is the concept of reciprocity.

Engage yourself. If you don’t break your promises, you will not lose customers. If you break your promises, they will trust you and will not come.

– Use the authority because people obey authorities. If you highlight an expert advice in your communication, people will be more confident with your product and buy it.

– Using the social proof can help you because when someone can’t decide, he will tend to adopt the same behaviour than other people.

– You have to push your customer to fall in love with your brand or your products to gain his loyalty.

– If you highlight the scarcity of your product, the customer will have to take his decision  faster so he will think less.

– The verbatim effect in terms of marketing deals with choosing a relevant title which summarize well. So the customer will memorize it and memorize your brand.

– The evidence is in corresponds to the verbatim effect, because people can’t remember a lot of things, since the memory is limited. So you have to classify the information you give to your customer.

With this method, you can improve your communication and your relationship with your customer.

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