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How to shop smart

How can you shop smart? What is actually the meaning of “shopping smart”? I am objectively going to focus on the super markets. Most of the people go to super markets and know that the big chains use marketing strategies. I will explain how you can shop smart and save a lot of money by showing you the tricks that super markets use.

Everything in the store is carefully thought through. The main goal for these super markets is that any customer they have, will spend money and when returning even more. They succeed every time. The biggest super markets in the UK are: ASDA, TESCO, Sainsbury’s, Morissens. How do they even grow? Let me explain you the tricks.

The super markets use psychological techniques who are well known to all super markets.

The power ail is the most important of the store. Every customer goes through it, because via this ail you’ll find your way to any other ail you like. But all the stores use a  power ail. Here you’ll find the store’s best offers. Most of the time, you will find special offers (buy one get one free). Customers do not even need that product, but they will be convinced to not find any better offer in another place. The stores will use a bright colour (yellow) for the pricing to stand out in order to catch the customers eyes’ attention. The reason of this offer is that they want you to buy more than you actually need.

The next technique is “ see it, like it, buy it”. It is connected with an impulse buying attitude of humans. They try to make the product look really nice, so you see it and start to like it. If you like it, you will put it in the trolley without a doubt . So you spend more money on stuff you do not need.

If you go through an ail, they will put the most expensive products first. If you want to buy a cheap product, you will have to pass all the expensive ones and there is a high chance that you will buy one of them.

Even packaging is a technique that super markets use. The more the product is packed, the more it costs. You literally throw money away.

The stores use a planogram; so every store of that particular chain looks similar. Every special offer has the same place and are thought through. This is not the only trick they use. They also “rumble”. They put the label of the product in front, so that the name is visible and every product is put perfectly next to each other in order to make the store look clean. It is more pleasant for the customer to shop.

The stores will put the brand with a higher value at eye-level. These will sell way faster than similar product with a lower value. The eye-level is the buy-level. They also use this trick with kids. Kids are very easy to manipulate in the stores. They will use different tricks like:

* bright colours
* using a famous character
* put products at the eye-level of the kids, which is lower than the eye-level of an adult.

Why do customers come back in those big super markets? Time is one of the most important factor for the buyers. When it is efficient to go to the market and leave very fastly, most of the customers will come back and stay loyal just because of that factor. The big chains make use of different tricks to keep the customers or to bring them inside the store to convince them.

Trying to get a new customer is way harder, than giving a loyal customer an offer to buy two or three more things.

A club card is a way for keeping that customer shopping in your store. How does it work?
The club cards are used when you are shopping in a specific store. If you buy things in that store, you’ll get points. If you collectd some points , you’ll get a discount, so the next time you’ll go back to that store. It’s a simple way to keep your customers being loyal to your store.

These club cars also keep a track of every product you’ve bought. In this way, they know your shopping habit and try to convince you by offering you special offers based on your shopping behaviour.

The big chains compare the prices with each other, but most of the time, the street markets offer a better price. People love the convenience of having everything under one roof, which doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s easier for the customer to do everything at one store. The big chains use the technique “retail theatre”. It’s like a store in a store. Fish mongers, bakery, delicatessen and others are found in the same retail. It looks like you are on a street market, they use the same decoration and let the product seem fresh and good, so that it will sell faster. Ever the employee’s look like they work in the street market.

The other technique is that the store adapts to the customers. For example: there live a lot of people with Asian roots in the same area as that shop, than they will adapt the range so they can offer it to the people. Most of the time, the customers buy this at a local street market, but that was before the big chains started to suit to their customers.

How can you avoid these tricks? These tips will help you save money.

* have a shopping list

* never shop on impulse

* don’t shop when you’re hungry

* leave the kids at home

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