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How to promote yourself using social media

Social media have become a relevant topic as they are used as a way of communication all over the world. Because of its immediacy when sharing things or the capability to provide real-time feedback, this media has turned into a very powerful tool thanks to which companies and future employees can promote themselves.

When talking about business and building a social media strategy, it is important to know what is said about a specific industry: first of all, learning from the customers is essential as the firm should always be in contact with them. This is an affordable way to attract new customers and increase brand awareness. Moreover, it would also help to build a professional network, as developing business relationships with other companies is a perfect way to strengthen the firm’s position on the market.

However, it doesn’t only concern businesses, you can also promote yourself thanks to social media: when seeking for a job it is very useful to be creative and know how to take advantage of this resource.

But how can you know what is the best way to achieve your aim? This article will point out the steps to use these tools effectively.

The most important thing to do is to create a relevant profile where you should include your professional path. LinkedIn is a perfect place to create such profiles, but there are also other alternatives like Twitter, Facebook or Google+. The information that must be included has to be related with what your achievements have been, but also what your strengths are as well as what you can offer to future employers. Join groups related to the field which you would like to find a job in, contact those who are more active and try to introduce yourself, or take part in conversations about your industry trends. Once this is done you have to update your profile several times a week also by providing contents to the groups you joined. Remember not to overpost, otherwise people will loose interest or they won’t be able to see all the contents you published.

Twitter is the easiest way to promote yourself: when you are a beginner it is important to listen more than to tweet, so that you can understand what is going on and what contribution you can make; include a link to an online CV and use a professional avatar.

Facebook allows you to create networks of friends, but be careful with the pictures you upload or the kind of photos you are tagged in, because this is an important reason for not being hired. You can have a different account from your private one, so that you can focus on professional issues. Include your keywords in your interests, in this way people will be able to identify what you are looking for.

Youtube is a huge opportunity to post videos promoting yourself and your skills, given that many companies use this tool when seeking for new candidates.

It would be also a good experience to have the opportunity to volunteer or intern at the company you are applying to.

The key to success is to be genuine: authenticity will catch your recruiter’s attention.

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