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How to keep your employees motivated

Has being scold ever brought out the best of you? I don’t think so. People are not driven by pay

and working conditions only, you will need something else to keep them motivated.

First, what is motivation? It is the art of making people do what you want willingly. It is also the

desire to achieve a goal, combined with the energy to work towards that goal. Motivation can be

measured as such: value of outcome * expectation of achieving it.

Then, how to get people motivated?

There are many ways to motivate people such as creating a friendly environment in which working is more pleasant. You can set up a casual dress day and hold social events in order to increase happiness and promote a positive mental attitude in your company.

Rewarding employees and giving them recognition individually or in group is a real asset and reinforces the employees’ satisfaction and efficiency. There are two types of rewards: internal (such as achievement, responsibility, recognition), or external (salary, working conditions, etc.). Talking about future and projects is another asset, however you shouldn’t guarantee long term careers– who knows what the future holds? Don’t forget to challenge them and to give them feedbacks.

Learn about their desires, giving them something they are not interested in will not have a positiveoutcome.

What are the consequences of a lack of motivation?

Your employees will face work environment issues, but also a lack of challenge and autonomy.

What are the positive effects?

Keep in mind that motivation is synonym to efficiency. It also allows a positive attitude at work, and it encourages social interactions and team spirit.

Managers are the best suited to encourage their employees and so to keep them motivated through appropriate trainings and timely feedbacks.

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