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How to Increase Your Happiness

How do you attain happiness? Where can you find it? Or what do you have to do so that happiness finds you? Sometimes, it is not easy to feel happy. However, your way of thinking and acting can affect your happiness. How?

In the following article, you will find some tips.

Smile and laugh at any opportunity

When you really smile and laugh, not in an embarrassed or forced way, your body reacts in several ways: your muscles relax, endorphins are released while stress hormones in the blood are reduced. Even the experience of pain is lowered. However, you do not have to be really happy or amused to have this kind of smile; it is possible to practise this “real smile” to make yourself feel better. Therefore, try to smile and laugh as much as possible.

Do what you love to do

If you really do what you love to do, you will feel happy. However, there are some things to keep in mind: the activity has to be something you are able to cope with, this means that must be neither too easy nor too difficult. The activity has to have clear aims, so it is obvious in what it results and how to reach them. If you do an activity and do not realize any more how time passes, this means that this activity is the right one.

Do not compare yourself with others

If you compare yourself with others, most of the time, you will feel bad. Other people always seem to be happier than you and to have the things you wish for. Stop comparing yourself with others and try to find the things which are good about you.

Set yourself realistic aims

A long-term, ambitious aim is hard to reach. Therefore, set yourself small aims which are realistic and reachable in less time. Reaching an aim will make you feel happy, and reaching several small aims will contribute to increase your happiness.

Concentrate on positive things

If you always concentrate on negative things and think about them constantly, you will feel worse. Instead, concentrate on the positive. That does not mean that you are not allowed to think negative from time to time. When something bad happens, you are allowed to feel angry or frustrated but then, continue on your path and do not stop. However, when you experience something positive, take your time to really feel your happiness and joy, and concentrate on that.

Have an open mind about new things

If you are open-minded and interested in new things, and have a relaxed attitude towards life, this creates the conditions for unexpected possibilities. Your attitude is more positive and it is easier for you to see opportunities for what they really are.

Pay attention to your posture

It is obvious that your posture influence your mood. When you are stressed, your muscles are tensed. In contrast, when you are happy, your body is relaxed. This also works the other way round. Try to adapt your posture to the mood you want to be in: optimism, happiness and confidence. Your mind will react accordingly.

These are just some tips that you can use to increase your happiness. Happiness is subjective. However, you can change your way of thinking and acting to increase your happiness, just as the Dalai Lama said, “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

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