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How to increase customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is a crucial phase in the customer life cycle. By executing it right, you will be able to minimize returns, prevent buyer’s regret and increase customer’s satisfaction. Here are three essential steps you have to follow when aiming at satisfying a customer who will continue to buy from you.

When customers buy something, there are chances that they will have to justify their purchase to another person, for example to their boss or their spouse. But they also need to be convinced. Therefore, you should provide each one of your customers with testimonies from other people and/or companies. And if few people returned the product in question, you might emphasize the low return rate of it. Those are called social proofs.

Then, when people spend money on a product, you do not want them to think is it worth it? That is why you should surprise your customers with small bonus. When you give customers a gift, you activate their reciprocity reflex. They feel like they owe you in return. Let us take the example of a restaurant which, with the help of free mints, increased their tips by 23 percent. The restaurant offered mints on the way out of the customers to see if they would leave a bigger tip. They first tried with one mint and the result was a 3% higher tip. For two mints, the tip was 14% higher. And for three mints, it was 23% higher! Customers are surprised, because they did not expect it. By surprising them, you will help them answer the question what it is worth with an enthusiastic, head-nodding yes!

Customers are often frustrated when they do not know how to make a product work. And nothing decreases more the customers’ satisfaction than being confused with how to run a product. To avoid that, you have to provide the customers a free product training and support. Articulate, the amazing e-learning software provider, provides a free blog that teaches people how to create more effectively e-learning training material. According to Articulate‘s CEO Adam Schwartz, this blog helps to keep customers happy. So with detailed and free training, you can win life-long customers.

To sum up, these three essential steps will help you increase customers’ satisfaction: justifying the sales with social proof, surprising customers with bonus and offering free product training and support. Of course, there are a lot of other ways like creating a customers’ satisfaction survey, but those ones above are the most important ones.

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  • shima says:

    Really good post. and now i’m experiencing with customer satisfaction and i enjoyed that. and awesome. really enjoy learning customer relation.thanks for post sharing with us

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