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How to Fight Your Shyness

Is your shyness becoming a real problem? Is it a real barrier and does it prevent you from giving your best at work and in your personal relationships? Well, maybe it’s time to change something. Here are twenty easy tips for you to follow.

First of all,

  1. Be more self-confident
  2. Think about the reasons why you are shy
  3. Don’t care about  what people think about you
  4. Accept your shyness
  5. Never stay alone

The first thing you have to do is to try to be more self-confident. It’s not easy, but you must begin to believe in yourself and in your skills. You don’t have to worry about what other people think of you. You have to be aware of your “problem”. Ask yourself “Why you’re so shy?”. Admitting your shyness is already a step forward. You will just need to accept it and find your personal way to solve the problem. There is no standard way to improve ourselves and to be less shy. Everyone must find the best solution for themselves.

Only one things is true, you must not isolate yourself. Some moments spent alone are needed but you should surround yourself with nice, funny and positive people and keep away the ones who make you sad.


  1. Be considerate
  2. Set yourself a target
  3. Keep an upright posture
  4. Never compare yourself to others
  5. Remember you are a beautiful person

Okay, now it is time to put these tips into practice. First of all, stop thinking about your problems and start to be considerate with people, speak with them, listen to them. You will understand how useful you can be by taking care of someone and trying to be helpful.

You have surely achieved a lot in in your life but because of natural chronic insecurity you can’t remember it or you underestimate what you have accomplished so far. Wake up, you have to set yourself a target and stop being pessimistic.

When you are walking along the street, you are sitting with people or at your desk at work; keep an upright posture; keep eye contact when you speak and don’t be afraid, remember: you are beautiful and smart.

Then, always remember:

  1. You have strengths, find them
  2. Don’t be afraid to speak
  3. Break the ice
  4. Laugh as much as you can
  5. Ask yourself goals

When you arrive in a new work place or when you meet new people, even at a party, don’t be afraid to speak, break the ice and start a conversation with as many people as possible. Set yourself daily goals and you will be surprised to see how much you can achieve. Find your strengthsI’m sure you have a lot – rely on them in order to be more comfortable and relaxed.

Anyway, there is something that you have to keep in mind: do not be sad and laugh as much as you can. Learn how to find the positive side even in bad situations.

Last but not least,

  1. Use only positive language
  2. Test yourself
  3. Feel good
  4. Be optimistic
  5. Let others know you

Finally, here are the last 5 tips.

There are some words that should never come out of your mouth, as “I can’t…”, “never” (never say never) or also “I won’t”. These are negative words, that run yourself unnecessarily down and create imaginary barriers. So, feel good with yourself, wear your nicest clothes, smile and say “yes, I can do it…”; test yourself and be always optimistic. Open your mind and your heart and let others know you; cherish your personality because it is one of the most important and beautiful things you have. Don’t waste it.

  • You have everything you need, now the greatest challenge to overcome is with yourself. Listen to yourself, remember what you have learned and you will be fine, good luck!
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