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Nowadays, technology is really important in our everyday lives. We use it to communicate with others, to read the news, to listen to music, to go somewhere, to book a flight and, of course, to find a job.

It is becoming more and more important to find different ways to introduce yourself, than the most classic ones. Of course, we still have to present our CV and to do internships, but we do it a little differently, than a few years ago. I’m sure that many of you have already done an interview through Skype, or presented a Video CV. If you hadn’t, you will do it soon.

Here, I would like to offer you some advice as to how to record a good video CV, when to use it, what makes a successful video CV or the common mistakes to avoid. But first of all, what is a video CV? It is a video where you introduce yourself to the employer in a way that they get to feel not just your experience and studies, but your personality, as well.

Related to when to use it, there are different opinions. Some say that you should do it when you apply for creative jobs, in order to show the recruiter that you are different and that you don’t use the same tools, as the rest of the people. Others say that you should do it every time you apply for a job, in order to make an impact with the employer. It, also, shows that you took more time while applying.

A video CV expresses individuality, it is its best quality, and that’s the reason why there is not a determined format to do it. However, there are some criteria that you shouldn’t miss when it comes to a video CV. It shouldn’t be shorter than one minute, neither longer than three. You have to get their attention at the beginning, and then keep them interested. Body language is really important, keep eye contact with the camera and act like if you were in an interview, so dress properly and show how confident you are. You can finish by saying “Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my CV”.

About the common mistakes to avoid, as I said before, don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do in an interview. Don’t look to a script, because the recruiter will notice if you are reading from a paper and don’t look to the camera.

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