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How to deal with stress

Nowadays, stress is a huge part of our lives but also a big problem for most of us. Knowing how to deal with stress is really useful in order to reduce it. It is actually quite difficult to clearly define what stress is because people show different reactions to it. Most of the time, stress appears when there is a difference between how we perceive a situation and how we judge our capacities to handle it. In this article, I am going to explain you what you can do in order to reduce your stress level but also how you can recover control over your body.

First of all, identify the sources of stress and ask yourself if your reaction is appropriate. Is it exaggerated or not? As you know, people frequently make a mountain out of a molehill, the secret lies in remaining positive. Indeed, avoid being overwhelmed by situations you may be facing. Separate what is serious from the little worries you are going through everyday. Optimism is the key because it allows us to be at our best when dealing with everyday tasks and duties.

People are also stressed because they sometimes lack organisation in their lives. Managing your time and scheduling everything you have to do prevents stress from appearing. If something unexpected happens, you must avoid last minute stress, otherwise you could be caught in a hurry. It is a sure thing to write everything down and to make lists not to forget anything. Then cross out the tasks you have done, and embrace the satisfaction of what you have achieved. At the end of the day look back at your list and be proud of what you have accomplished. Step by step organisation helps to move forward.

Dealing with stress can be exhausting. Do not let things take over you, try to have free time for yourself, just chill out and relax! Sometimes, all you need is a break to forget your concerns for a moment. You could read a book, listen to some music, take a warm bath, go shopping, anything can do the trick. Smile! It is also a way to overcome stress because you brain will release endorphins (we are getting into scientific stuff now!) when feeling happy, hence the nickname “happiness hormones” . Get yourself involved in activities which could help you brain build endorphins.

In order to cool down and to decrease your heart rate, there is a lot of things to do, choose one of them and it will surely help you. The most important one is to learn how to breathe. Breathing deeply helps to reduce your heart rate and to focus on how your body feels. Slowly and deeply inhale and exhale with your mouth and imagine the stress disappearing. You should be calm now. Imagine breathing positive energy in and breathing negative thoughts and stress out.

You may have heard about homoeopathy which is an alternative medicine. It is a good natural way to limit daily stress. It helps people to quickly look for their inner strengths. One of the benefits of homoeopathy is that you will not be addicted to it and you will not get drowsy like it is the case for other medicines. Be careful though, homoeopathy only prevents stress, but chances are it will do nothing if used after the stress came up. You should therefore take it before stressful events occur.

A healthy lifestyle is the core solution to be less exposed to stress, yet people often forget about it. All your physical and psychological needs should be covered. Eat properly, and once again, eating 5 fruits and vegetables and drinking 1,5L of water per day is essential to have a healthy lifestyle. Do not skip any meal. Your body needs energy throughout the whole day, you had better frequently eat smaller quantities rather than having only one big meal. Stress induces a magnesium loss and you start becoming nervous and irritable. In the same way, magnesium is essential for the proper functioning of our brain and neural system. Avoid tobacco, alcohol, tea, coffee and sugar  at all costs. These are actually short-time strategies which might work at the beginning but harmful effects will eventually show up in the long-term.

Exercising is your best bet to relieve stress. It allows you to channel your energy, to think about something else but also to focus on yourself. Exercising releases endorphins which are the hormones responsible for pleasure, as I already mentioned before, so you know what you have to do. Go for a walk in nature, listen to birds, enjoy the view and feel in harmony with the elements, even more when it is a sunny day for sun has an influence on your mood too. In other words, you can practice every kind of sports as long as it suits you.

In order to be entirely relieved, you also have to properly sleep. Sleeping has an influence on the quality of your day. You need to rest to face your stress, if not, you will have mood-swings which is really bad when interacting with others, everything could annoy you and irritate you. So try to sleep at least 8 hours a night.

These are some tips to reduce and overcome your stress, even if we do not face our stress in a common way, those should be useful. You have to keep having positive thoughts in mind, nothing is going to kill you after all, and if you fail at something, you will have a second chance most of the time. Do not personally take things, it will destroy you from the inside. Take it easy!

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