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How to benefit from multiculturalism in Internship­-UK?

Everybody knows that it’s not easy to live with people belonging to different cultures:

we don’t eat the same meals, we don’t like the same music or movies, we don’t have the

same lifestyle, the same humour or the same way of thinking and speaking. We’ve acquired

all the things mentioned above through our education and our social environment. With this

article, I want to share my feelings and give you some advice to help improving your social


First of all, it is really important to realise that during an internship such as this one, we are all

in the same boat. We share the same happenings based on speaking English, discovering

the country and experiencing work environment. Everybody deals with a different culture

and a different lifestyle. It might be interesting to share your feelings with the other trainees

and to have a good laugh at it. If someone says something that hurts or confuses you, talk to them

about it and sort it out respectfully. Keeping a journal could also help you solving your

problems by selecting what is really important. Besides, it is interesting to see your

personal development during this experience.

Secondly, you should benefit from these differences. For example, ask your fellow

interns to share their cultural diversity such as music, movies and traditional dishes with you.

Talking about famous cities or places might help others to discover your country, so that they

know which cities are worth visiting.

Thirdly, travelling to a foreign country and leaving your friends and environment behind is a way

to discover yourself. Take time to think about what you want, what you like to do most in your

free time and focus on yourself. Please keep in mind: This doesn’t mean that you have to stay

alone all the time, you’d rather grasp this opportunity to think about yourself.

You don’t have to turn your back on your culture. It is interesting to follow the news

from your country and to keep involved in your culture. For instance, a friend of mine brought a

“survival kit” with her containing food from her country as well as some special objects being of

importance for her.

Eventually, some people find it easier to adjust themselves to this new experience than others.

Thinking about these tips could help you making the best of your internship abroad. It’s an

outstanding opportunity to gain experience and to get to know foreign cultures. Go for it!

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