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How to be more efficient in class

Sometimes, a class hour just does not want to go by even though you are terribly bored. |Then, speaking to your friends is very tempting and you are easily distracted from the class’ subject. How to deal with this kind of situation and stay focused?

The school is a place for studying.

First of all, you have to participate in class. The most efficient way to learn your lesson is to be proactive and participate in class. If all your attention goes to the class, you will be more concentrated and more efficient. Also, you can ask questions about things you did not understand yet and make sure you don’t get the facts wrong for example. Being proactive in class will also help you fighting boredom and time will pass more quickly.

To be even more efficient, take notes. It is one of the most important steps in learning. When taking notes and rephrasing what the teacher has just said in you own words, you internalize the topic and therefore you will remember it for longer than if you simply listen. This is especially the case in a school environment where you attend multiple lessons about different subjects within one single day.

Try to sit at the front of the class. Most of the people that like being distracted and chat during class will chose a seat at the back of the class. Avoid them by sitting closer to the teacher, you will have enough time to chat between classes and in the break. Also, you will be able to hear the teacher better and it will make it easier for you to react and be proactive. Don’t start a conversation with your neighbour, because it is nearly impossible to listen to your neighbour and the teacher at the same time.

Also, avoid surfing the internet on your computer (if you use it for taking notes) or your smartphone. When doing multiple things at the same time, we cannot concentrate 100% on any of them. Therefore you cannot follow the lesson in a focussed manner and you will not remember much about what the teacher said.

Of course, noone is perfect and it is not easy to stay focused day in, day out. But by trying to apply these advices as much as possible, you will be able to learn in a more focussed way.

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