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How students can build a professional network

The period of university studies is a really exciting and interesting time with plenty of new experiences and crazy ideas. Beside from their exhausting studies, students are trying to enjoy their life. But you shouldn’t forget one aspect during that time: the building of a stable and powerful professional network. That will help you a lot when you are searching for a job and planning your professional career. This article wants to give you a few tips on how you can build such a network.

At the beginning of your studies, try to get in contact with your professors and your fellow students. Many of the students of your university will have a job in a big company after their studies and when you made friends with them the chances are big that they can help you to get also hired by one of these companies. Professors are often well-connected with people from the economic or the politic sectors. You definitely should try to use these connections for your own purposes.

The most important thing is that you have to be proactive. Don’t wait until opportunities occur and people come to you, search actively for them. Register in career networks on the internet (e.g. LinkedIn), go to job fairs, student events and career days. And when you are at these events or on those networks, stay active and try to get in touch with people. You could, for example, ask them about their own career, how they did it and if they could give you some tips.

When you have summer holidays between two semesters, don’t be lazy and use this time just for parties and relaxing. Of course you can have some leisure time but you should also do internships in your holidays. Because this is the best way to get in touch with professional and powerful people. If you do a good job at your internship, the chances are really high that the company will make you a job offer after your internship. Additionally you should speak as much as possible with your co-workers because they can give you advice and they know many people and maybe they are willing to help you with your job searching process. Try to find a mentor in your company during your internship. He will definitely put in a good word for you with the head of the company when it comes to the question if they want to offer you a full-time job.

With these tips it shouldn’t be difficult to build a professional network, as long as you are acting proactive.

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