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How does Social Media influence our lives?

The interpersonal communication between the people decreased really fast during the last few years. Social Media platforms just as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Snapchat make the life a little easier – so they say. It makes it easier to share pictures of your current vacation with people who aren’t even on the same continent as you. But is sharing every single part of your life to mostly unknown and random people on the internet really necessary?

According to a study of BITKOM and KPMG, more than 65% people can’t imagine living their lives without the internet. Especially social media platforms are one thing we can’t imagine the world being without anymore – staying in touch with friends, job-searching or dating agencies are normal and usual things to do on the internet nowadays.

Another study in Germany showed that after a survey 8% of the people prefer regularly being on the internet to having sex. Another 10% said they would rather sleep less than to not have access to Facebook and other social media platforms.

Some people think the way that social media is so famous and needed today is because of the increasing usage of smartphones. They allow the users to constantly be able to go online and check Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. According to many studies, women are more likely to spend their time on websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, whilst men usually spend their time on the internet looking at online newspapers and streaming series and movies.

Not only for buying new or used products on the internet, we use social media platforms like Ebay and Amazon, people nowadays use the internet and websites for daily problems. For example, if one has a question about the detergent, they can just go to the website of the manufacturer and they will find hundreds of videos or already answered questions. All these companies use the “crowd-sourcing effect” and integrate their customers actively in their business model.

But the influence of Social Media is gaining momentum, because often people post their problems on their social media accounts just to get a solution from friends or family. For example, when someone burns their finger, they immediately take a picture of it, post it onto Facebook and ask what they can do with it. Also everyday questions like “Does anybody know a good cake recipe?” or “Where can I watch the new James Bond movie?” will already have been asked and have thousands of answers. Nowadays, you can find out everything on the internet.

The influence of Social Media gets more terse every day. Besides Facebook, Twitter and Youtube there are also websites that are based on particular themes like TripAdvisor or Qype, which try to give their customers a specific response to all their questions. With this way we can have access to

information on our own about the newest products and services through the virtual world. Many companies realised that and  are now trying to integrate the customers into their business model.

After many years of living with and knowing that there will always be ways to improve the technology and all the devices, it is clear to say that it is, nowadays, necessary to be on the internet. Maybe sharing pictures of everything is not the main part about what’s important, but you sure can use the internet, especially Social Media platforms, to get advice or find a solution for your problems. The younger generation, which is growing up with smartphones and Social Media accounts is already used to it, because it now is a part of our everyday life.

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