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How Do The Interns Work At Internship-uk? Pawel records

How can you become an intern at Internship-uk? The best way is participating in Erasmus+ Traineeship. Thanks to this programme, you can receive a grant from your university.

On the Internet, I have been looking for the appropriate internship for a month. I found this internship based in the United Kingdom. I decided to become an intern at Internship-uk because I wanted to improve my English communication skills and to become more attractive on the labour market. Nowadays, the most important thing is the work experience. If you have already been abroad for an internship, you should not have any difficulties to find a job.

I am an intern in the Marketing department. During the first week, I had to do quizzes, to get introduced to my future tasks and basic safety and hygiene rules. After this, I started my work. Social Media Optimisation, Search Engine Optimisation and creating landing pages are part of my duties. My timetable is flexible: I can start my work at 8 am or 9 am and finish at 5 pm or 6 pm (always a minimum of 40h/week). During the last two hours of our working day, we have workshops where we can improve our English skills. After work, many of us go to a gym near to our office. When we have days off, we can travel in the South of England. I had the opportunity to visit Dover, Folkestone, London and Brighton. I also work with people from all around Europe. It is a good opportunity to improve my English and meet amazing people from Austria, Italy, France, Belgium and other countries. Moreover, we have parties on the weekends, which are a good opportunity to get to know other cultures and their national habits better.

To sum up, the internship at Internship-uk gives you the opportunity to meet many people from different countries. It is not only an internship but also a nice and funny place to live in. Moreover, if you like travelling, you can visit many beautiful places with many attractions.


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