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How do social media influence your recruitment?

Pauline Le Guilloux

More than half of the UK’s companies are using the influence of social media to screen potential employees. If social networks are not the first showcase of the candidate, they nevertheless give you the opportunity to stand out among the pre-selected profiles… or to be eliminated.

You may have already created a profile on Linkedin or on a job board but it is not enough. You need to keep it updated and linked with your appliances in order to be useful. Otherwise, it won’t reflect your real profile and may limit your influence on social media.

You’ll find below the do’s and don’ts of social media.

Top 5 of positive influence on Social Media

1. Your profile is consistent with your professional skills, do not lie about who you are!

2. Your profile reflects well your personality. It is useless to mislead your future boss, he will notice it sooner or later.

3. Your profile has to have the right skills set relative to the referred position. For that, use keywords in order to gain the attention of your recruiter.

4. Your references must be excellent.

5. Your profile is the same on all your social media.

Top 5 of negative influence on social media

1. Your posts hold inappropriate photos. Your recruiter won’t be interested in seeing the pictures of you during your last holiday in Tijuana.

2. Your profile has inappropriate comments.

3. Your exposed qualifications do not match those that you really have or do not match the requirement.

4. Your profile shows low communication skills.

5. You have published negative comments about your previous employer.

In order to avoid failures, bear in mind which websites recruiters target, and build your profile efficiently, using paragraphs, subheadings and bullet points to make your profile easily readable.

Use the internet to your advantage by highlighting the skills and abilities that you think are most relevant to recruiters. Professional social networking websites such as LinkedIn allow you to post your experience and qualifications and to get in touch with professionals around the world or find job offers in your sector. They have the advantage of being highly rated by search engines, so often appear high up in the list.

Display your skills: for example if you write a blog connected to your field of employment, link this to your profile. Current and up-to-date knowledge is essential so as to recognise industry trends. This should also emphasise your enthusiasm.

Obviously, make good use of privacy settings because content you have uploaded will be visible to any HR person and your future employer could have an insight into more than just your qualifications and work experience.

You still haven’t updated your Linkedin account nor erased compromising photos from your Facebook? Just be wary and remember that it’s a public space. That way, with luck, it’ll be an escort rather than a barrier when it comes to establishing your graduate career and getting your dream job.

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