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How can you improve your English during an internship

You have decided to try the experience of being an intern and you want to improve your English during your internship. You really want to progress but you do not know how to do it? Here some advices which can help you to optimize your experience of learning English.

  • Speak English as much as you can: Your are in a business environment so it is easy to speak English: you are surrounded by people who do not share the same language as you so it will encourage you to speak English more than usual. If there are many people who speak the same language as you, try to avoid speaking your native language. You can learn new vocabulary by speaking to-with them as well.

  • Read articles in the newspapers : everyday, you can took five minutes to read an article in a newspaper ( you have the choice, the Guardian, the Times etc.). After you have done it, you can take a piece of paper and write down all the keywords and words that you do not know and translate them to improve your English vocabulary.

  • At work, you will probably have to write e-mail or articles or whatever in English. This will be the opportunity to learn new vocabulary or new specific sentences, in the field you work in.

  • During Sundays or when you have free time and you do not want to do anything, you can just opt for an English movie. You can listen to the pronunciation and you can also add subtitles to see how words are written. It is an interactive way to learn and improve your English.

To conclude, it is necessary that these actions(except for movies) have to maintain and keep doing this daily or regularly. You will see that you will memorize words more quickly and learn faster than before.

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Margaux Manhaudier

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