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How Can I Improve My Communication Skills?

First of all, I would like to explain what is a communicative act. In a communicative act, some people exchange opinions and information. Therefore, when you are communicating with other people, you have to give and receive information. Years ago, Winston Churchill said: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen”.

I have decided to remember this famous quote in order to give more importance to the listening part, because when people are talking about communication, they only think about speaking and you have to know that listening is as important as it.

Now, I am going to give you some useful recommendations in order to make a successful communicative act:

Listening: If you respect and pay attention to people who are speaking with you, you are going to know their point of view, then you could choose your words better. Listening is very useful, don’t forget it. Each opinion is important and everybody has to speak in a communication act. Be careful not to be selfish.

Thinking before speaking: If you think before you speak, you are going to organize your ideas better, your arguments are going to be more coherent and you are going to convince people you are talking to easier. If you do not think before speaking, you are going to make more mistakes, you are not going to express your opinion correctly and your credibility will decrease.
Furthermore, when we are speaking, we can transmit an idea by different ways. If we choose some words instead of others, we are giving different nuances and it could produce misunderstandings. We have to choose the best words to express each opinion.

Your speech shouldn’t be too long: You do not have to be too extensive. If you are not concrete and precise, people can forget the main idea which you want to transmit. If you want to transmit a lot of information, you should pause, take mini breaks and ask if everybody is understanding your speech.

Creativity: If you are more creative, people are going to pay more attention to you.

Use your body language: You can use your body, basically your hands, arms and face, in order to help express some concepts and opinions better. Body language is also important but you do not have to abuse it. I recommend you the following articles which have more information about body language: ,

In conclusion: I would like to say that each recommendation is important and respect is an unbreakable rule.


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