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How a foreign internship is more useful than one done in your home country

Most of the students attending University are required to do an internship to graduate and finish their study plan. Some students choose to do it in their country and others in a foreign country.

Concerning the first case there are some advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, staying in your country is easier because you already know the place you stay in, like  the habits, people and language. Moreover, there are your parents and friends close to you who can help you whenever you are in a difficult situation, so you are never alone. In addition, if you do the internship in your town you don’t have to search an accommodation, so there will not be any expense.

On the other hand, doing an internship in your country could be not very useful if you want to learn a new language or improve it. Even if in some internships the knowledge of one or more languages is required, you will never practice it as much as if you are in another country. That is because you will speak in another language only during your working hours and if there are some foreign customers. Instead, if you choose to make an internship abroad, this means that you will speak all the time in another language, also when you are not working. As a consequence you can practice a lot your communication skills and obviously your language skills. This is very important also because staying in another country means that you will acquire all the characteristics of that population: culture, food, timetables, all matters regarding the daily life. Another positive aspect of doing an internship abroad is that you will do a unique experience; of course, it could be some day that you will feel alone, lost and sad, mainly at the beginning. However, at the end of this experience, you will remember these negative days as useful days because they will help you to be stronger, go ahead and overcome obstacles, even in the future. This kind of experience increases your responsibilities and improves your way to deal with problems.

In conclusion, it is important to say that for both kind of internships there are some positive and negative aspects. However, in my opinion, the most useful experience is going abroad, so that you can really understand how this kind of internship can change your future career but also your daily life in a positive way.

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