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Healthy Tips

Elisa Montagni

Follow a few rules for an healthier life. Sometimes people seem to have fear of carrying on a healthy life, maybe because they are scared of something or they are self-destructive.

Health is so far above all other material goods that in truth a healthy beggar is happier than a sick king” -Arthur Schopenhauer ( philosopher, 1788-1860).

1 – Eat healthy

One of the most valuable advice that one can give is to follow a balanced diet based on Mediterranean one, which is considered to be the most healthy for every age.

The secret is to consume at least portions of fruits and vegetables per day, especially the seasonal ones. Including some fruits and vegetables in your diet is still not enough, because it is necessary to reduce animal fat contained in meat: anyway, it is better to eat white meat, which is easier to digest. There are some kinds of fat that are considered to be healthy, such as Omega 3 and vegetable fat, which includes extra virgin oil. Above all, Omega 3 are contained in fish, especially bluefish,and three portions per week can be enough in order to achieve the appropriate nutrition needs. Moreover, the Omega 3 fat can also have an anti-age effect because it is good against free radicals.

2 – Drink water as often as you can

The body is especially made of liquids, corresponding to 75% of the total, but with the age it tends to decrease to 60% and that is the reason why wrinkles appear. You have to drink at least 2 litres per day: in that manner, the body can maintain the correct hydration,and this is a needed condition for its optimal operation and for the most important organs such as the heart, the lungs and the kidneys, so that they can filter and clean the blood more easily. Thanks to water we preserve our “hydrobalance”.

3 – Workout ( Be active)

You don’t have to think that working out means making big efforts or that it looks like an “obligation” for you. First of all, practising a sport should be a pleasure and could consist of a brisk walk for half an hour at least once a day, or even cycling by the amazing grass. Practising a sport is not only useful to be fit, but it is very helpful for the blood flow and perspiration, and it also makes you happier and more dynamic, enabling you to have a positive attitude.

4 – Stop smoking

It has long been said by homoeopathic doctors that smoking is not only dangerous for our own health, but also for people around us.

Unfortunately, stopping smoking is hard because the nicotine makes you dependent of it, but it is possible to do it if you are really willing to. If your will is strong enough but you don’t succeed, you can ask for help for a psychological support, in order to achieve a well-being level that will last for a long time.

5 – Stay positive and laugh

Most of the time, people tend to see the glass half empty, but you should do an effort in order to find a positive way to think about what you really want and so make it happen, without focusing too much on negative things. It is really important not to get in a loop of pessimism and negativity, which with time could lead to anxiety or depression. However, life is a big adventure and the world can give you new inputs to behave and feel better, for instance enjoying simple things, like a nice sunny day or the beauty of nature. Furthermore,learning how to laugh every single day, by yourself or with the others, is very important.

6- Cultivate some interests

The brain is a muscle, and it must be “trained” by stimulating continuous learning and by cultivating a passion or an interest that can satisfy the individual. Practising a sport, attending the gym, painting,creating a personal work group or leisure, going to the cinema or theatre are all the activities that make a person richer.

7– Live and travel

There are people who love travelling and for them,with time, it becomes a lifestyle. Travelling around to discover new places but also to visit places which you feel attracted to, places that bring peace to your mind, is one way to have a fully satisfying life . Travelling is also a way to open your horizons to other cultures and to “switch off” from daily routine.

8– Live without stress

In addition to keeping a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA), one should not be overburden by the commitments of everyday, transforming them into forced actions, without taking time for themselves. It’s called stress, the sneaky enemy that creeps into everyday life and causes exhaustion, physical and mental tiredness. Learn how to handle it and it will remain confined as an important incentive to do better and better to achieve new goals.

9- Live well sleeping well

In order to live well it is important to sleep well and to be in shape for the next day, after a deep and restful sleep.

Avoiding heavy meals and helping yourself with a herbal tea is the best way to”recharge batteries”. It has been long demonstrated that a good sleep releases growth hormones that will be then replaced by energies.

10– Become yourself and keep your strengths

Do not waste time comparing yourself to others. You will only decrease your self-esteem and get depressed. There is no one like you, who grew up with your experiences and your own talents. If you try to compare yourself to others, you will be unhappy, because you will always be able to find someone who is stronger, smarter or more beautiful.

Be focused on the person you want to be,do not pay attention to your neighbours, to the nice girls at high school or your sister. Once you can define your own version of success, you will be able to achieve it. You may have the impression that everyone is luckier than you, but the problem is that you probably tend to focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths and you may not realize what you have. Maybe you want to be like your best friend, self-confident,as she may like having your intelligence or your sense of humour.

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