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Daniel Jimenez

In the following article I am going to write about body language, concretely about handshake’s meaning. One of the first impression which you receive when you are meeting people is how they shake your hand. It says much about your personality and about your personal state. The most common handshakes are the following:

Sweaty palms: When you give an handshake and you perceive that someone is sweating, in the majority of the cases this person is nervous. Sometime it is a physical problem and you can’t help it. In order to correct it, you should try to dry your hand a few minutes before.

Dead fish: In this case, it feels like the person’s hand is dead. This means that this person does not care about you, he or she is unfocused. You have to avoid it in a job interview.

Brush off: If someone gives you a brush off handshake, they will try to reduce the contact time with your hand in a derogatory way. People who give this kind of handshake think that they are more important than you. Take care with these people, they are not reliable.

Controller:A controller handshake appears when a person tries to approach distances under their control. People, who want to dominate you, use to give handshakes like that.

Bone crusher: In this case, the person who gives you a bone crusher handshake will use too much energy and effort. This person will try to intimidate you. Do not be afraid and try to avoid the same tactic. It is very rude.

Politician: You could notice that someone is giving you a politician handshake when for example: He or she gets your right hand with their right hand and use their left one to get your right harm. It means that they want to transmit a secure image but they are not.

Hand wrestler: When someone is giving you a hand wrestler handshake, he or she will try to twist your hand politely. This is a clear example that this person wants to be better than you but they actually know that you are better. If you perceive it in your first working days, take care because this person may want your position.

In conclusion, I would like to say that a handshake is the first step to know someone’s behaviour. Interpret it and use this information in you advantage.

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