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Glimpses into Internship-UK: the IT Department

The days before starting an internship can be really tantalising. We ask ourselves: What will we do? How our colleagues will be? And so on. This article might help those of you who are wondering about the IT department of Internship-UK. The current IT team, consisting of our incredibly helpful and favourite nerds Cyril (the supervisor), Anicet and Antoine, has agreed to answer some questions that might interest you. Let’s see what they can tell us about their job.

Reporter: What is a normal day in IT office at Internship-UK?

Anicet: Well, at first we log in.

Cyril: After that it really depends.

Anicet: Sometimes we have informal meetings to distribute tasks and on other days we just do the tasks. As well, we also have meetings with the boss.

Reporter: What can you tell me about your tasks?

Cyril: We’re making videos, improving the work and web development, writing scripts, updating computers and all this stuff.

Reporter: Is there any time for extra projects? If yes, what are you working on?

Anicet: Well, I sometimes do videos. Then I have to find a good subject usually by googling what the current trend is in IT and then I make the video.

Antoine: I do media animation and teach that to new people. It is rather basic work really, putting things into 3D first and then I make the shape better and better and better. There are three steps, really: First, you create the basic shape. Then you round it a bit. At least you add the textures that means you add the colours, before, it is still grey and after, it really looks like it should.

Reporter: What does managing a website entail?

Anicet: We have to read the reviews of people to see what’s wrong and what we need to improve. Sometimes we also have special enquiries from the boss.

Antoine: For me that’s mostly retro-engineering. I have to look at the code and identify the parts that are in need of fixing. So basically, I read the code and try to guess what it’s supposed to do.

Reporter: What is different in the life of the supervisor in comparison to an employee?

Cyril: I do everything about the network. I take care of the router and I have the passwords. Also I need to do everything for HR, as they deal with sensitive information that only a few people are allowed to see. That’s it mostly. Well, I am also the one you talk to first when you have problems with your computer and then I decide if I have time or if I need to delegate the task to one of the others.

So we hope that now you can be more relaxed about starting here in Internship-UK!We will be happy to welcome you!

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