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Fight against tiredness at work

There are some days when we are not able to keep focused on our work because we feel tired. Sleepiness can appear in many cases. This phenomenon, in addition to making you have a bad day, will affect your productivity. This article will give you some tips to fight tiredness at work and help you avoid the mid-afternoon slump.

1/ Pay attention to your night time.

Obviously, the lack of sleep will lead to fatigue. At least, it is important to have a suitable night-time sleep. Most people need from 7 to 9 hours to be in great shape during the day. Moreover, your sleep needs to be restorative. Your lifestyle and your meal affect the quality of your sleep.

2/ Take a break!

Taking a break when you feel unable to work because of sleepiness enables you to get your energy back. It will also enable you to think clearly about a problematical situation.

3/ Proper nutrition is essential.

Eating too much at lunch time can be a problem. Indeed, digestion requires many efforts, especially if the meal was heavy.

In this way, try to have a light meal, and give priority to carbohydrate, which will give you enough energy for the end of the day.

4/ Adapt your work atmosphere

Working in a dark and warm office will incite you to sleep. Also, the way you sit on your chair, the luminosity of you screen, the organisation of your desk can help.

5/ Practise exercise

Sleep experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise each day. Another way to empty your mind is by practising sport, which will also help you fall asleep.

6/ Create a ritual before sleeping

As we have already said it, night-time sleep is the key. Many people experience trouble falling asleep. If you’re one of them, we advise you to create a relaxing bedtime ritual. For example, reading a book, listening white music, or even meditating may help.

7/ Consult a sleep specialist

All of the tips we gave you should help you to sleep well at night and to be in good shape during the day. However, there is no miracle pill to fight sleepiness. A sleep specialist can build a program in line with your problems.

Finally, to feel good on an important day, the evening before is primordial: you need to take care of your meal, practice sports if you can, don’t spend too much time in front of your computer or TV.

During the day, take a break when you need it, and don’t eat too greasy for lunch.

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