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Fashion Advice

We have all heard about how good the celebrities’ fashion stylists were. Even if we all dream about it, only a few people have the chance to have a personal stylist. It can be very difficult to know what kind of clothes fits well your morphology or what colours suit your skin for instance. Let me help you a little bit with some fashion advice.

Somewhere over the rainbow

First of all, it is important for you to know that wearing clothes with the same colours is now “has been”. For example, it is not advisable to wear a green shirt with green shoes because it is not modern. Moreover, you should avoid matching the colours of your clothes to the ones of your make-up. You had better play with the complementary colours making contrasts: yellow with violet, blue with orange and green with red. Those couples of colours are known to mutually reinforce each other. It does not mean that you cannot be dressed all black! If I can give you an advice, when you are dressed all white or all black, you can put one big original jewel (like a cuff-bracelet, or a conspicuous necklace) so that the attire is not bland.


Scientists would tell you that it is not exactly a colour. It is rather the absence of light, but that is not the issue. In fashion, this “colour” is synonymous with class and elegance. There is nothing more sexy than a beautiful woman wearing a black dress, is it not? However this colour is too often overused and in a bad way. Some women think that this colour can help them to hide their curves, but this is not the case most of the time. This is quite sad to see a woman who wants to hide her body, because we all have a different body which makes each of us unique, and we should be proud of it.


It can be important to know well your morphology in order to know what is appropriate because it can be very simple to bring harmony. For instance, when your shoulders are larger than your hips, you should add volume at the lower body. And on the contrary, when your hips are larger than your shoulders, it is advisable to add volume at the upper body.

Also, you should avoid wearing a deep neckline if you have large breasts. The limit of vulgarity is easily exceeded. A square neckline is a better choice. If your shoulders are very large, you should not wear short-sleeve tops or dresses because it accentuates the width. Instead, you had better wear three-quarter sleeve clothes.

Golden Age

From a certain age, meaning around 45, you should avoid clothing too short and/or too tight, and transparency on clothes should be sparingly used. This does not mean that you have to hide your body with your grandmother’s floral-printed dresses. It means that you are now more mature and you have to admit that you no longer are 20 years old. A 45-year-old woman who is still modern and remains young at heart does not need to dress like a 20-year-old woman to prove it!

Combo package

At last, there is a bad mixture you should preferably avoid. Whatever your body looks like, if you wear a low neckline, a short skirt or dress and very high heels all at the same time, you automatically look vulgar. You would rather be wearing a maximum of two of them.

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