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Experiences build the human

The more you fail, the more you learn. Nowadays, they aren’t better ways than to learn by making your own experiences. Experiences can come from  family, school, office, association, sport … Your experiences will build your character, and your character will permit you to stand out between other people, live in society, obtain an open-mind…

Each time you will start something, you will learn by winning or failing.
first I will introduce myself, then we will talk about private and public experience built on a victory with personal examples, and at the end we will talk about a private and job experience built on a failure.

Firstly, I am going to introduce a little bit of myself, my name is Lorraine and I am 20. I come from the south of France and I am currently studying a Bachelor’s Management at Kedge Business School. I have an unconventional carrier path, as far as I remember I always wanted to work in the French navy; this dream permitted me to do all the amazing things in my life.

All started when I was 3; we went to live for 3 years in the USA my father’s assignment, officer in the French navy. This first experience made me discover the taste of travelling.

The second important experience was in 2010, when I had done a military preparation. It permitted me to be sure of what I really wanted to become, to improve my self-confidence, my values, my communication and my spirit of cohesion. This military preparation gave me a job during 30 days for 3 years as a military.

My third significant experience was in 2012, I was in a high school were I had the impression to be out of place, so I decided to take my chance to integrate one of the best schools in France : the military high school of Brest. My acceptance there permitted  me to follow my dream and to be sure that I was made for this job.

Secondly, my job experience built on a victory, was when I got accepted in my dream school, the military high school of Brest. The choice was based on the marques of the 2 years before of high school, so i was asked for  a regular hard work the best that marques could have had, and so, stand out between the over applicants. This experience built my perfectionist character, permitted me to build self-esteem, and my wanting for hard word that always had been paid.

My private experience was at the end of my military preparation, before the award ceremony when my superior came to tell me that I was the most professional person in the promotion, and that I should be 1st and not 3rd. I have learnt that hard work always is repaid, and during this experience I grew up in maturity, I became more professional. It developed my righteousness, and my self-confidence.

Thirdly, my work experience built on  failure was when I had done my student part time job in a super market, it didn’t really happen like I expected. The job didn’t fit me, and the global atmosphere in the company wasn’t good. My supervisor, didn’t tell me anything, and one day my supervisor came to discharge me without telling me at the beginning that she wasn’t happy with my work . I learnt by this, that for me the atmosphere in work was important, and this failure helped me to accept that I wasn’t fine everywhere.
My private experience I would like to tell you of when my mom got sick, I was the only one at home with her, and my dad (who come back late each day from the office). She wasn’t able to do a lot a things, so I was forced to take decisions and responsibilities by my own. I became in charge of my family, my house, and my studies. It permitted me to grow up quickly, get harder, stand back on different situations, and think more on the situations and people.

Then to conclude, the more experiences you will do by your own, the more you will gain on wisdom. Experiences build your character, experiences build you.


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