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EQ – Emotional Intelligence

Everybody knows what IQ is and almost everybody has calculated his or her IQ once or twice. Probably not with the official tests, but with some of the approximate tests online or the various games that were devised to measure and increase people’s intelligence. However, a new quotient has been created that has the potential to have a much greater impact on work life than the IQ ever had: the EQ, the emotional quotient.

The EQ is used to find out how well a person can deal with emotions. Although, this is not limited to one’s self. On the contrary, the main focus is on how people handle situations in which other people are important. How well developed is the ability to gauge other people’s emotions? How will the person evaluated handle a highly emotional fight? Due to this focus EQ tests could be a really good tool for employment agencies.

Nowadays, most jobs require certain people skills, because the emphasis on teamwork is gradually increasing. To maintain an efficient work environment all the employees must be able to work with each other in a friendly and respectful way. That is why a new employee without those skills can have a far reaching and sometimes irreversible disruptive impact on the work environment.

Emotional intelligence becomes even more important in jobs that are mostly about managing people. If you work in Human Resources, strive to become a manager or a negotiator people skills are of utmost importance and in turn it is imperative for your employer to know your abilities in this field. A person with wonderful marks and a super high IQ with no people skills is in these jobs nothing but a liability for his or her enterprise.

Another feature of emotional intelligence is the capacity to judge one’s self objectively. If you are capable of identifying the reasons for your emotions and have the inner strength to step back and find solutions even in emotionally complicated situations this will help you in whatever job you are applying for.

All in all the invention of the EQ promises to be an interesting one for our work life. It might be that in the future, instead of handing in a CV with our supposed soft skills, we will indeed hand in our EQ evaluation sheet. However, this will certainly not happen tomorrow or even next year, but, who knows, in 5 years it might already be reality.

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