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Differences between UK and France in business

UK and France are two different countries. They don’t have the same system and the same habits of working.

Firstly, English people work more than French people. Indeed in France, we work 35 hours per week, maximum. In England it is at least 37 hours per week. We can do extra hours but it is something really rare in France, when it is not necessary for the employees,it’s not being done.

French people prefer talking about business outside their office for example in a restaurant, when English people don’t. We don’t have the same way to negotiate, in France a meeting will not have (or not that much) impact on the decision of the CEO, contrary to England where meetings help the CEO to take decisions, they share their ideas with their employees and listen to them.

In France, the respect of the schedule is important. For example a French shop will close from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. because of lunchtime. In England, shops are open all day long.

Another difference is that, in England there is no dress code in the company, except for banks or insurer and businesses like those. In France, we have to be well dressed for the majority of jobs. French working women have to be dressed very femininely and professionally and men have to wear a suit. English workers seem more comfortable and more relaxed.

C.E (company committee) is a typical thing in French companies. It is workers’ association of the same company who organize trips or events for the employees and their families. This is a way to create proximity between the employees, to have leisure time with their families thanks to their work. As they do the same activity together, their team spirit will be better. In England, it does exist but it is not very common in every company, but their team spirit is the same than in France even if the company doesn’t organize activities for the employees.

France and UK workers don’t have the same working system. Knowing working habits of a country is important to provide errors in your behaviour.

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