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Decision making

In our daily life we all make decisions such as whether going to work by car or by bike. But first, what is a decision? A decision is choosing a solution among several possibilities. In this article we will see the point of setting goals and the different kind of decisions. 

Everyone has goals: an athlete wants to be the best, an employee wants to feel good at work and get promoted, a child wants to do the job of his dreams. To succeed at your work or in your life you have to set goals. Why? Because when you reach them you will get motivated and be proud of yourself. But do not set big goals right from the start unless you are sure to reach them. The best way to succeed is to set several little goals and to achieve them one by one so you can reach your final aim.

Now let us take a look at the different kinds of decisions in a company. In a company, decisions are made at different levels of the organisation’s hierarchy.

We can distinguish three kinds of decisions:

– Strategical decisions. They have a long-term impact and are irreversible. They are made by seniors managers. 

Example: a company who decides to set up in a new market.

– Tactical decisions. They have a medium term impact and are taken by middle management.

Example: market study.

– Operational decisions. They have a short term impact and can be made by everybody. They are related to the day-to- day running of the business.

Examples: stock management, placing an order.

To put it in a nutshell, you will have to make decisions and set goals to succeed in your life and at work.

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