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CV or Resume, that is the question

Why do I have to change my CV when I am applying for a job or an internship in England or in Great Britain? Why do I have to remove my photo from my CV? It is necessary to differentiate a CV and a resume? They are used for the same purpose but look different. Submitting a CV when a resume is required could make you lose your chance of being invited for a job interview. What are the differences as mentioned above and why do they matter?

The resume is usually used in America, the United Kingdom and Ireland. In other countries it would be more appropriate to use a “Curriculum vitae”. Maybe the differences are due to culture or to the history. For example, you should avoid using a picture in a resume while it is a plus for a CV. In an American resume you should not specify your gender because, as you may know, American people insist on supporting the struggle against sexism.

The CV is most relevant when looking for a job in an academic or research field. In a resume we find more details about professional experience and less about diploma. For example, references are required in a resume, because recruiters focus on your professional experiences. Usually people include job descriptions, outlining activities performed in former companies.

Besides, you have to prepare a personal profile located at the top of your resume that will present your skills, your personality and your goals. You’d rather not use “I” or “me”, but construct your sentences carefully. Activities and hobbies should be more detailed in a resume than in a CV as it shapes your personality.

You have to pick an easy-to-read font type and size to ensure your document stands out. To emphasize your attention to detail and your professionalism keep a consistent format throughout your document. The CV is usually one-page long whereas the resume should not exceed two pages.

One of the most important things to remember is that there is not only one set standard for the format. Bear in mind that not every job requires the same kind of document: every CV and resume is unique, it should reflect your personality depending on the job you want. This way your CV will definitely stand out!

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