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Cover letter structure

Daniel Jimenez

In the following article, I am going to explain you how to make your cover letter more successful.

But first of all, I am going to explain why you should attach a cover letter when you are applying for a job: Your cover letter complements your CV and your recruiter will learn more about your writing skills and your personality. If your CV is not as good as the others’, your cover letter could compensate this disadvantage. In other cases, some recruiters do not study CV if it does not include a cover letter. Speaking with other words, a cover letter will always benefit you: you do not have to spend too much time making it and if your write it properly, it could give you a huge advantage.

In spite of the fact that your cover letter content and style are up to you, you will need a strong structure, which should be divided into four parts:

Introduction: You should use this part in order to introduce yourself. You can explain why you are writing. If you are answering to an advertisement, you should say where you found it.

Why this job? You have to express why you are interested in this position and in this company. You should check the company website in order to get as much information as you can. When you are checking it, you ought to start by the company’s targets, philosophy, main markets, main products or services and how it is organized. If you include some special information or details about the organisation, your recruiter will see that you have not simply sent the same cover letter to hundreds of jobs. Finally, you can conclude this paragraph explaining the factors which attracted you to this job.

Why me? You have to sell yourself, you have to convince your recruiter that you are the most suitable person for this job. In order to get that right, you can write down your more relevant knowledge, experience and skills, something which can make you stand out. You should emphasize that you have the requirements mentioned in the job advertisement, but try to avoid using the same words. Furthermore, you have to remember not to duplicate information, that is to say to use different sentences than the ones on your CV.

Conclusion Do not write too much in your conclusion. Basically, you should reiterate your desire to join the company. Finally, do not forget some statement as “I am looking forward to hearing from you” and some endings as “Yours sincerely” – or “Yours faithfully” depending on the beginning of your letter – with your name and title. If you are going to print the cover letter, sign it.

That is everything you need to know about cover letters. Good luck!

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