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Concentration is essential to read, to work or even to drive. It both allows us to memorise things more easily and to avoid wasting energy. Whether it is an underlying or a temporary problem caused by tiredness, some people are afraid of not being able to focus. Furthermore, improving your concentration is one way to be more relaxed and to better take control of yourself.

What exactly is concentration?
Concentration and attention are closely related together. Without concentration it would be impossible for us to listen, to observe and to remember. On the other hand if someone is easily distracted either by his surroundings or other external factors, this person may has a short spanned attention. To be focused means to be totally committed to what you are currently doing.

How to improve concentration?
Here are some tips to improve your concentration:

– Improve your health by exercising and sleeping properly.

– Eating healthily is also important to allow your brain and your body to have everything they need.

– Tidy up your workspace ! The more messy your desk is, the more easily you lose your concentration.

– Stay away from things or people who could disturb you and waste your time, having a chatty co-worker next to you does not help while working. Make them politely understand that you have a duty to perform and that you would prefer being alone for a moment in order to work in a calm environment, especially when there is some pressing tasks to do. But don’t behave in an antisocial way either.

– Learn meditation and adopt a zen attitude. Indeed, Eastern philosophy  teach us how to keep our minds clear and to make negative thoughts vanish.

– Have a break ! According to a survey, students’ attention span doesn’t exceed  50 minutes. If you feel like you are struggling or you notice that you need to read a sentence several times to get the meaning, then stop striving ! You must have a break when this happens ! It does not matter if it is a five or ten minutes break, just have a lunch, walk for a moment and come back when you are well rested. You would better stop reading and sooth your eyes a little bit.

– If you tend to get easily distracted, write down what you have to achieve so you will not forget them. If it can help, count every time you get distracted and try to focus the next day and do better. This is a challenging way to overcome a lack of attention span.

You actually have control over your concentration. You must be able to keep your attention on what your teacher is saying, when reading a book… You will find some exercises to improve your concentration below:

– Stare at an object for 30 seconds and then try to represent it in your mind, as accurately as possible. You could do the same with the face of one of your surroundings.

– Gradually lower the radio volume and keep listening until you do not hear anything. If it is still too easy for you, try doing that with a background noise.

To sum up, improving your concentration makes you more efficient. It doesn’t mean that you will spend more time working, but instead you will provide a higher-quality work, as your results will support evidence of that. The combination of all these small efforts of will can make you more confident. You will better know yourself and you will faster and more efficiently use your mental skills.

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