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Computers VS Smartphones

Nowadays, many young people use their phones more often than their computers so as to surf the Internet. If you had to choose between one of them, which one would you opt for? Before making up your mind, you have to consider all the factors since there are pros and cons for both computing devices.

First, smartphones do not have the same power and cooling capacities as computers. If you use your smartphone all the day, it is likely that it will become slower and slower over time. It is therefore better to buy a computer for regular use.

Then, the price is obviously different. Prices for a computer can widely varydepending on its capabilities, storage and features. A laptop is cheaper than a desktop computer, and the more powerful a computer is, the higher its price is. The latter can range from £300 to £2.000. As for cellphones, their cost can range from £100 to £700, depending ontheir power and various features.

If you want a computing device that does not take up too much space, you had better choosea smartphone. You can take it wherever you want and put it into your pocket. On the other hand, a computer is bulkier and requires to be transported in a sleeve. Of course, you should buy a computer if it is for work.

Concerning the storage of smartphones, it can range from 8GB to 64GB. In some smartphones, an expansion slot may be available to add some storage capacity. Computers have a storage capacity of over one terabyte and continue increasing in size. Even the most basic computers have a storage capacity of at least of 250GB, which is more than enough for many users.

Smartphones have a data plan that enables you to connect to the Internet whenever and wherever you want, as long as theyare receiving a signal from a cellphone tower. Computers do not have the necessary equipment to connect everywhere, because most of them rely on a Wi-Fi signal.

Finally, smartphones feature an on-screen touch keyboard that is much smaller than that of a computer. A smaller keyboard can make typing more difficult for users, especially for those with big fingers. Some smartphones feature a slide-out keyboard, but once again it is much smaller than a standard computer keyboard. It is the same for the screen, as the screen of a smartphone is much smaller while that of a computer is much more comfortable.

With all those pros and cons, would you be able to make up your mind if you had to choose between the two? Of course, a lot of people nowadays have both, using them depending on the situation. Students use their phones for messages, calls and apps, and their computers for their studies, while adults often use their smartphones for calls and their computers for work.

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One thought on “Computers VS Smartphones
  • Cedric says:

    I think at the end, all depends of what you really want to do with. Nowadays, we have both of them so it’s no longer an issue anymore. We can’t say PC is better than smartphone because they don’t really fill the same criteria however one is as useful as the other. We’re happy with the PC at home on our desk, and as happy with our phone outside too.

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