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Companies hunting methods

Most of companies have defined target groups. Usually, it depends on criteria such as age, gender, taste, advertisement according to the company’s image and values. Furthermore, it depends on the kind of activities and also the public target. A target is when you know exactly what or who is your goal and you want to achieve it.

So, companies can particular target kids with technology (tablets, computer games) by creating new advertising on their products. Moreover, the parents too are targeted. Kids are the most vulnerable because the companies know how to reach them and make them buy their products. By the way, they know that most of the kids watch TV and have some favourite cartoon and characters like Barbie, Disney Frozen, Star Wars and others.

In average, a child watches on the TV around 5000 ads per year. A lot of advertising passes on also everywhere like outside in order to draw kids’ attention because they know that kids cannot make the difference between true or false because of their young age. In the same way, parents make their children believe that something is true and of course, it is not. The advertising conveys a message and gives information about the products and makes them interested by these products.

Companies think as well about the kind of products because they know exactly what kids love. By the way, they can attract them as well as making money which is their main goal. Kids are very important demographic group for marketers, they can also influence their parents to buy something in particular.

When kids go to the supermarket with their parents, they always want something and obviously can cry to get it and influence them. For some parents their child’s happiness is the most important thing because they want the best for them not only by buying for them what they desire but also good stuffs for their education like a tablet for learning. In addition, some offer presents to their children all the time in order to make them happy.

Sometimes they do not pay attention about the money they spend. So, they do not hesitate when it comes to making them happy.

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One thought on “Companies hunting methods
  • Romain Ravaille says:

    Really interesting point of view, it explained me why there where so many ads toward child. Those methods are quite crude aren’t they ?

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