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The continuing popularity of coaching has made both people and organisations turn to this resource to gain complete satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. The term “coaching” refers to methods of learning new skills and improving existing ones, reaching personal success and knowing how to deal with life and personal changes.

Coaching enables people to achieve their full potential as it helps them distinguish what is blocking their fulfilment.

Because coaching comes in different types and its terminology varies, it is important to make sure to chose the right sort of coaching, according to what you want to achieve and what aspect of your life you want to improve or strengthen.

But all the types have in common that they involve compromises, a sense of agreement and willingness to participate.

Coaching creates a motivating climate and increases the possibility of personal success by providing ongoing feedback and support. Furthermore, it allows people to play a role and to understand how to change their habits or behaviour in order to achieve their goals. We must highlight the importance of creating a learning environment by helping identify what is needed or by creating opportunities. It revolves around encouraging creativity, risk taking and challenging yourself. Try to see the setbacks as opportunities for development and acquire new knowledge. One of the most important things is that a coacher will help you broaden your capabilities to solve problems and make decisions. This can be achieved by interpreting situations under a new point of view. Coaching is about developing a relationship that empowers all kinds of relationships, in personal and professional life alike, through confidence and competence.

The intention of coaching is to encourage a commitment to action and to develop personal growth by helping you to make a better use of your time. It is a key concept which will help in all stages of life in which you think you cannot accomplish what you really want to. It defines one’s goals more clearly in order to move forward more easily, efficiently and effectively. It also increases confidence and gives you a fresh perspective on personal challenges, so you can sorts out what your personal values are in moments in which you are lost. You have to keep in mind that the solution is inside of you, however, many times people cannot see it themselves. Thus, coaching helps looking at a situation from a different perspective without feeling powerless.

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