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Celebrity Marketing

It’s a common strategy these days. A lot of celebrities are used in advertisement, what has an impact on the customers. Especially world wide known celebrities are used to appear in an advertisement to sell a brand. One of the reasons for that is the digital world. We feel more connected to those celebrities than people were before. We can communicate with, or find information about, them. Everything goes much easier than in the old days. Companies have seen that customers nowadays are quite “obsessed” with the celebrities. So they integrate them in their marketing strategy. There are 6 ways of using celebrity marketing, which we will show you.

Personality driven marketing

People do not look at what a company actually does. When they know and trust someone, they start using the product that the person they trust uses. This is why companies like to employ celebrities. They are known by many people. People will think that if a celebrity is using that product, this is a good one. It influences them to believe that the product offers a good quality at a good price.

Positioning a brand

When small companies are ready to step up and to take themselves to the next level, most of the time they employ a celebrity to give them the boost they are looking for. Thanks to the personality driven marketing, people will buy the product sold by the company. This helps them to position the brand in the market. People will know the brand, which will make them buy the product much easier than before.

New targets

A lot of customers do not even think of buying or trying a product, until a celebrity advertises this product. The loyal fans of this celebrity, which can be a big target group, can buy it. If they accept the product and are willing to buy it more, the company has reached a new target group, thanks to the celebrity marketing.

The power of one

Do not rely on only one celebrity. One celebrity can give you the boost you were looking for. It is not necessary to pay so much while your company already has the boost. If your company can work with celebrities, so contact other celebrities. If you are selling mascara for example, after 5 years, you can reach another target group (e.g.: teen girls) with other celebrities. Try to use famous celebrities, who are linked with your target group. This strategy will help you to gain more customers.

Celebrity as brand character

A specific celebrity should be recognized with a brand. Write down in your contract that the celebrity cannot be involved with the competitors. They can definitely bring down that boost you are looking for. The competitors will take over your target group and you will lose your customers, and that means that your turnover will suffer a negative effect.

Celebrity expertise

Do not use just a famous celebrity for selling your brand. Be wise and choose the right one. Whether it is a Hollywood celebrity or a local celebrity, he/she has to be linked with this product. Do not let a male celebrity sell mascara, he has no expertise in this situation. Ask a female celebrity, who often uses make up and who has big dark eyelashes.

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