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Celebrity Advertising

Nowadays, in a lot of commercials, you can see someone famous promote a product. Take for example the well-known brand L’Oréal. The latter chose Eva Longoria to promote its mascara, asking her to say the famous quote “Because you’re worth it” which everybody has heard at least once in their life. Liam Neeson unexpectedly appeared in the advert for the famous mobile game Clash of Clans. At the beginning, you would believe that it is from Taken, because he seems to be threatening someone. He is actually talking about the game and here is what he says: “I don’t know you Bigbuffetboy85, but if you think you can humiliate me and take my gold, think again. I am coming for you with lot of Barbarians and dragons. I can’t wait to destroy your village”. There are many other examples like those above, but does the use of celebrities make advertising really more effective?

A celebrity promoting a product will undoubtedly draw attention without necessarily guaranteeing the product or brand awareness. Actually, not every celebrity advert performs above average. Over one in five fails to capture attention. It merely means that people watch the advertisement but do not remember it.

Two important factors come into play. First, the celebrity’s popularity matters. Consumers are interested in both celebrities’ professional and private life, and even more when it concerns better-known stars. The use of celebrities is consequently better to reach a good average level of awareness.

The star’s popularity is obviously not enough. To be fully effective, the commercial must persuade the viewer or the reader to buy the product or service. Consumers’ reaction towards a celebrity endorsing a product or a service is very important. The celebrity must be convincing and enthusiastic when performing in an advert, otherwise the audience can feel that celebrity’s only goal is to take money out. Therefore, choosing a celebrity really interested in the product or service it promotes is well-advised.

With those two factors, consumers may be more likely to be convinced because they would positively perceive the advertisement. As a result, they may be more encouraged to buy the product or service in question.

To conclude, celebrities have often been found to be more persuasive in advertising than other endorsers. In most instances, the attitude towards a product is more favourable when it is associated with a star. It is however important to choose the right celebrity and ensure that they properly promote the product.

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