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Tips for your internship

The importance of keeping an open mind

Wondering about your future? Wondering if you will be able to achieve your dreams? If you will find a job that satisfies you? If you will become the person you would like to be, competent, balanced and peaceful? Studying, applying for numerous jobs and working hard won’t be enough for you to reach your goals: […]


Emotions at the Workplace: How to Keep Them Under Control

Everyday at work, you will encounter many different emotions, positive as well as negative ones. You have a decisive meeting and would like to run off? You could burst with joy because of a promotion? Or burst into tears when you see the results of the assessment sheet? Sometimes, it is difficult to keep your […]


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An original resume is THE key to get hired

Most of the time, when you are invited to an interview by a recruiter, you would bring your resume and your cover letter. In 90% of the cases, your resume will be very classical and not original enough, simply listing last name, first name, picture, study, work experience, hobbys etc. But this article will give […]


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How can you improve your English during an internship

You have decided to try the experience of being an intern and you want to improve your English during your internship. You really want to progress but you do not know how to do it? Here some advices which can help you to optimize your experience of learning English. Speak English as much as you […]


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Internship, the key to success

An internship enables students to gain more experience within their field or to get to know a new one, especially if it’s their first internship or if they have never experienced an apprenticeship training within a company before. It is the first time in your life that you are supposed to face the professional world. […]


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How students can build a professional network

The period of university studies is a really exciting and interesting time with plenty of new experiences and crazy ideas. Beside from their exhausting studies, students are trying to enjoy their life. But you shouldn’t forget one aspect during that time: the building of a stable and powerful professional network. That will help you a […]


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How to turn your internship into a full-time job

An internship gives you great experiences for both your working and personal lives but there is also much more to gain. Many companies hire interns after their internship because they already know how they work and what kind of personality they have. This article is written to show you what you have to do to […]


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Motivation and getting motivated

Kahina MERBAH All life long, people have tests to pass. How many times does one start without finishing ? How many people would like to change their bad habits but do not act like it? How many things have been postponed to the next day ? All those actions depend on only one thing: motivation. […]


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Telephone interview

Daniel Jimenez Telephone interviews are becoming more and more frequent. We are in the twenty first century and we can apply for a job in a different country or on a different continent thanks to the internet and new technologies. Therefore this kind of interviews is a little bit different in comparison with face to […]


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CV: 10 errors to avoid

Pauline Le Guilloux You want to apply for a job or an internship and you are still stuck doing your CV? Here are some tips to avoid when you are building your CV. 1. Writing all your life For young graduates and students, a CV should not be too long. You have to select the […]


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