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Experiences build the human

The more you fail, the more you learn. Nowadays, they aren’t better ways than to learn by making your own experiences. Experiences can come from  family, school, office, association, sport … Your experiences will build your character, and your character will permit you to stand out between other people, live in society, obtain an open-mind… Each time you will start […]


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Think positive

Positivity: a real strange word that not everybody considers as a good feeling. In a workplace, people in general have lots of problems, lots of stress which can damage firstly yourself and then others or the interests around him/her. We live in a society, where everyone tries to constantly put others in bad situations to […]


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Skills needed in the marketing sector

When you are working in the marketing sector, you will have to have some basic and essential skills first before you can think of developing new ones and strengthening the ones you already have. Working in marketing is not always easy, since this sector is so huge and there are so many different things you […]


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Much more than just a simple work experience

Internship-UK, together with Ltd, deals with internships in IT, Media, Marketing CRM, Translation, and Recruitment. The main office is in a little town in south-east England called New Romney. It is the perfect place to find a working experience and update your CV. Thanks to a traineeship in this company, you will have many […]


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Behaviour in a workplace

Lately, this topic has become more important than in the past. When you have to sustain an interview, the employer pays attention to your behaviour as a potential employee. The employer judges the person you are and then he decides if you are better than another one. People do not pay attention to it, but if you […]


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Job search: The benefits of social networks

Nowadays, hunting for a job or an internship, when you are a young graduate, has become a real “boot-camp”. The main reason is the law of supply and demand; today the number of students who are search for a job don’t apply whereas, the demand never stop to decline. You may ask yourself, how can you catch […]


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Why do an internship ?

Internships provide a link between academic learning and professional employment. It is recommended that students try out several internships to be able to get a sense of what working in a particular career field is like. You will need to make yourself stand out among others in a highly competitive job market because employers prefer […]


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Tips from the other side

How to score in a job interview explained by recruiters Every time we have a job interview, we ask ourselves the same question: What do I have to do, so that they take me? Some of us then try to read up on the topic. Others try to remember all the tips our friends and […]


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Better intern with a small or a large company?

When you come to the decision to do an internship, you have several possibilities. But one of the most important questions is whether you will be going to a small or a large company. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the size of a company. The first thing to say […]


The effect of Expectations on an Internship: A Survey Based on Students’ Opinions and Performance

This article reviews the effect of students’ expectations on students’ behaviour and their ability to learn during an internship. This study is based on a survey conducted in China by Quilun Zhang (2013) at the Beijing Institute of Economics and Management. Records were made of students’ expectations before an internship for an enterprise and these […]


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