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Tips for your internship

Internships can open the door to the job market

Currently, the employment market is declining, and we all have to create the job we want. Companies offer you the opportunity to get experience by doing internships. This is not only for the students but also for people with work experience. This can be a very interesting experience for students and a complement during their […]


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Computer-Assisted Translation

In an increasingly globalised world, translators are confronted with more and more demands and requirements, especially in regard to editorial techniques. In addition, companies have a rising number of terminology and localisation needs to translate their products, services and documents. The fierce competition in the translation industry drives translators to drastically lower their prices in […]


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Why you should have a first aid training

We are more than 7.4 billion people on earth and the number keeps growing, but not so many people can say they know how to react in case of an emergency, should it be someone choking on food at a restaurant, witnessing a car accident, or watching a person who suddenly falls unconscious. Most people […]


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7 reasons to start your internship in New Romney

Let’s be honest: we all need to improve our English whether spoken or written. But is that enough of a reason to leave our cosy nest? Pack your stuff, we’re going around the seven reasons why you need to start this internship in New Romney. 1. The wonderful weather This is the first thing that’ll strike […]


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Living with flatmates: useful tips

Nowadays, Europe is still facing the crisis of 2008. Some countries are still in a very bad situation in both economy and finance. That is the case for Greece where the public debt is sky-high ! Some of you might be lucky and have escaped their living standards decrease, but in any case most of the […]


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Best way to prepare and be for internship

It has been years now that more and more students are required to attend internships and stages before concluding their studies. Some, instead choose to do it for their own experience or CV delineation. The attendance of an internship could be very struggling sometimes or even just searching for the right internship for you.   […]


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Keys For Successful Translation

Translation may seem to be an easy job but it is actually quite an arduous task. Before giving you the main keys to be successful at it, you better know that translating has its own vocabulary. To begin, you should know that translation consists of transcribing an original text, which is known as the source […]


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United we stand, divided we fall

  Sometimes, quantity can be better than quality. The context in which we are working today is in constant evolution, and the working groups have to carry more and more specific projects or activities. The ability to work in a team becomes therefore a prerequisite for all those who are part of the current labour […]


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How to be creative at work

What is creativity? Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion and commitment. It brings to our awareness what was previously hidden and points out a new life. To the Global CEO Study, creativity is the most crucial factor for Future Success. Indeed, it begins with a foundation of knowledge, […]


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Delivering presentations successfully

Already at school, we are supposed to succeed with presentations. Some write a text that they read out loud. Others have flash cards, and then there are those who just talk. For some, delivering a presentation is one of the scariest things they can be forced to do. Others enjoy the sensation of being in […]


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