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Student life in the UK

An internship: a job, but not only…

Maia Haas As everybody knows, an internship is often a first or a new experience in the world of work. It’s time to learn from another environment and to put into practice what you know. Above all, this is a job, whether it is paid or not, it is part of your professional experience. That […]


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How to avoid conflict in a flat share?

Pauline Le Guilloux Learning how to effectively manage the room-mate relationship is an essential skill for students.The first thing to do in a collocation is to establish rules before needing them. Don’t wait until someone forgets to pay their share of the rent to figure out what happens when someone does not pay the rent. […]


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How Do The Interns Work At Internship-uk? Pawel records

How can you become an intern at Internship-uk? The best way is participating in Erasmus+ Traineeship. Thanks to this programme, you can receive a grant from your university. On the Internet, I have been looking for the appropriate internship for a month. I found this internship based in the United Kingdom. I decided to become […]


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Top tips to make the most out of your experience abroad

If you’re living an experience in a foreign country, far away from your family and friends, I bet you have already been given some advice. I will try to give you some original tips that you probably didn’t think about before. Sure you have to avoid speaking in your native language, to read news in […]


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Internships – a good way to gain work experience

Nowadays, it is not easy for students or graduates to find a job, be it during their studies or they have finished. Often, when a person applies for a job, he or she is required to have some work experience. Companies always prefer applicants with work experience in the field for which he or she […]


Student Life in the UK: An Insider’s perspective

I have lived in the UK my whole life and have been a university student here for the past two years at the University of Stirling, Scotland. During this time, I have lived and studied away from home and fully immersed myself into the culture that you would call ‘student life’. Of course, student life […]


Life in Community: A rewarding experience

Going to England to do an internship, or any other country , implies in most of the cases, living in the community. That means that you have to share your accommodation which may include the main installations such as kitchen, shower, living room and so on. This experience can teach you a lot of things […]


Key Advice on Overcoming Culture Shock in the UK

If you are coming to the UK for an internship, while it is almost certain you will have a great time, it is important to be clued-up on British culture to avoid the development of culture shock. First of all, we have to address the question – what is culture shock? It is the feeling […]


Feed your soul in the South of England

“I need to go to a beautiful place to clear my mind”. Have you ever had this thought? Have you ever felt the need to change of environment and spend some time just looking at amazing landscapes, breathing clear air and feeling in peace? To escape from the frenetic rhythm of everyday life, sometimes we […]


My life abroad

Before I came to England, everybody told me that it is always raining here and that it gets really cold in the winter. I remember that I took a very warm coat, some gloves and a bunch of scarves with me in my suitcase, but I am here now for more than three months and […]


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