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Internship Experience

Tips from the other side

How to score in a job interview explained by recruiters Every time we have a job interview, we ask ourselves the same question: What do I have to do, so that they take me? Some of us then try to read up on the topic. Others try to remember all the tips our friends and […]


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The CRM Experience

Within the CRM department, all of the client enquiries are dealt with through emails, telecommunication and through our database server. Many partner hotels are linked with our supplier and we are the connection between these hotels’ networking system. Our job entails good communication skills to answer all enquiries professionally and as company protocol edicts with […]


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Better intern with a small or a large company?

When you come to the decision to do an internship, you have several possibilities. But one of the most important questions is whether you will be going to a small or a large company. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the size of a company. The first thing to say […]


The effect of Expectations on an Internship: A Survey Based on Students’ Opinions and Performance

This article reviews the effect of students’ expectations on students’ behaviour and their ability to learn during an internship. This study is based on a survey conducted in China by Quilun Zhang (2013) at the Beijing Institute of Economics and Management. Records were made of students’ expectations before an internship for an enterprise and these […]


My first weekend!

For my first weekend in New Romney, a dinner in a Chinese restaurant in Folkestone was organised. I was happy to go and enjoyed it a lot. Folkestone is located about 25 km from New Romney, so to go there I had to take the bus. It took about 50 minutes, so I had the time […]


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Some advice for new interns

In Internship-UK, there is a very big rota with interns. When some interns leave the company at the end of their internship, others come and try to fit in the same environment. But sometimes, it is difficult for them because old interns are used to do some stuff, have their own habits and speak most […]


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How students can build a professional network

The period of university studies is a really exciting and interesting time with plenty of new experiences and crazy ideas. Beside from their exhausting studies, students are trying to enjoy their life. But you shouldn’t forget one aspect during that time: the building of a stable and powerful professional network. That will help you a […]


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How to turn your internship into a full-time job

An internship gives you great experiences for both your working and personal lives but there is also much more to gain. Many companies hire interns after their internship because they already know how they work and what kind of personality they have. This article is written to show you what you have to do to […]


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How important it is to do an internship

The whole of Europe and especially Southern countries like Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain, are currently going through one of the biggest crises in their history. And on these facts I want to focus first. One of the consequences the crisis brought to those countries is a humongous unemployment rate, reaching figures that have never […]


Why it is important to do internships abroad

Everyone in your school, university or private life is speaking about doing internships abroad or spending a semester at a university, in a foreign country. Your teachers and parents keep telling you that you should gain some experience abroad. And furthermore, all your friends keep posting pictures in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from their experiences […]


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