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Can you study all your life?

Pauline Le Guilloux

It is almost the end of your studies and you’re wondering if you can pursue learning all your life? Can you still be a student when 40 years old?

Today, there are more and more options to study longer. Education institutions offer many alternatives like part-time studies, evening classes, online courses, or MBA (Master of Business Administration) with programs a tailored professional specialization.

Indeed, studying doesn’t mean you have to commit yourself to being on campus eight hours a day, five days a week; you can adapt your time schedule. If you need to keep working full-time then part-time evening study might work for you. Or if you are doing casual work on weekends, with free weekdays and evenings, you could consider studying full-time, either in the daytime or with a mixture of day and evening classes.

Once you have decided which type of course to pursue, you will need to think practically about when you can fit in study and assignments. Since you may have lost the habit of working or learning when you get home, the beginning will be tough and you might need to create a timetable. Scheduling a regular amount of time to study at home every week is really important. You should set aside at least an hour for each subject during the week and try to slot it in at a time of the day when your mind is fresh and you can avoid distractions.

Still sceptical about carrying on or taking over your studies?

Here are some points that will maybe convince you to be a student.

  1. Student life makes you more open minded.
  2. You can learn something new everyday.
  3. You can set yourself ambitious goals. You will be proud of your achievement.
  4. You make decisions for the future that will boost your happiness then.
  5. Your family and friends will support your choice and help you.
  6. You can ask for a salary increase after obtaining your diploma.
  7. You will participate to student parties which is really funny!

Whatever you choose, know that you have the opportunity to do what you like for your future. Whether at university or in your everyday life, you can learn through reading, travelling, arts etc.

In any case, remember: “We must cultivate our garden” – Voltaire (Candide)

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