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Business needs English

Business today is in every moment of our lives. It’s everywhere: when we go to the supermarket, when we take the bus, when we go to the pub till the highest level of work. Business needs English, if people want to communicate in the whole world, you have to learn English, so, if you want to get out of the local dimension you have to speak English.

English is a Germanic language and is an integral part of the business world to communicate on the international level. Business includes all types of work like artwork, literature, educational, food, science, etc. Where there is money, there is business. Thus, in each area you work, you need English to maximize your chances of succeeding.

Since computers first appeared, the main economic enterprise moves into the Internet world with e-commerce activity. People often speak English on-line because it’s the easiest way to communicate ; if you know new people who come from different countries, the common language will be English. In lots of countries children learn this language at school, this is a good way to prepare them towards the future.

The most important language for work is English, to improve this language you can purchase, books, sign up for university courses in English and do an internship in an Anglo-phonic country to train your knowledge in this language. To learn new words you can chat with new English friends with a funny app “Tandem”.

A lot of English words have started to become usual in the other languages, this underlines the predominance of English and its daily use.

If you want to open yourself to the word of business and work in an international level your first goal is study English. The most important corporations are multinational corporations ; they have offices in several countries in the world. To have the possibility to grow up in your work it is necessary to be available to go abroad, the only way is to speak an international language as English.  

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