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During your studies, you have a lot of opportunities to know the labour market better. If you are active in the labour market, you know how to move from a sector to another. It gives you the opportunity to be well prepared in order to start your career. Moreover, if you are active on the labour market, you can be found by a future employer.

Building you up a strong personal reputation is one of the most important things to do to develop your career. It is similar to the brand of a product. The product brand helps the clients to recognize it more easily. In our case the “personal brand” helps the employers to choose the best employee among hundreds of candidates who fits to the company.

The most important element to build a personal brand is to develop your CV. The best way to do this is to apply to different programmes, such as the Erasmus program or the program of AIESEC. They are good opportunities to develop your skills, meet people and create a unique CV. You can also take part to scientific clubs. This way, your CV will stand out and you will have a greater opportunity to be invited for an interview.

Everybody wants to have a strong personal brand. Even if you have a dream job and you are pleased with it, you should not stop developing your personal brand and your CV. Still, you have to think about possible changes in your career and future. If you create a very strong personal brand, recruiters and employers will call you and will send you a job offer.

It is no a secret that recruiters check people on Facebook or LinkedIn. You can use both of these social media to create a very strong personal brand. You have to check all the posts or comments. Your personal brand has to be the same online and offline. In many cases, a perfect candidate misses the job because of their inadequate Facebook profile.

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