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Breakfast is important


Every morning, we should begin our day with a good breakfast. In this article, you will find all the good reasons not to skip it. Indeed, you have certainly heard a lot of times that it is the most important meal of the day. Here are a few reasons why.


It gives energy

Breakfast is really important because it follows a 7 to 12 hour period of fast during the night. It has to be copious enough to fill our power requirements of the first part of the day. This way, it gives you strength and energy to keep you going until lunch.


It betters concentration and memory

During the night, the glucose level in blood (= sugar level) decreases, that is why energy is missing in the morning. Having breakfast allows you to gain the necessary strength to begin the day. You think more clearly, you learn or work easier and you are more focused.

Some researches show that children who eat their breakfast have a good mental fitness: their memory, concentration and creativity are better. The same goes for adults who can work more efficiently.


Less risk of deficiencies

Breakfast allows your organism to have essential nutrients for its function.


It prevents snacking

If you begin the day without eating something, you will rapidly notice a decrease of your energy, which will make you eat snacks which most of the time are not healthy such as biscuits, cereal bars or pastries. They are often full of sugar and fat and therefore not good for the organism.


It prevents weight gain

Some people think that skipping breakfast will allow them to lose weight. Well, that is not true at all, on the contrary. Research has been made and has proved that people who do not have breakfast have more difficulties to control their weight. That is due to the fact that the hunger will come later and will push people to eat snacks to satisfy the hunger and the lack of energy. People who skip breakfast are often vulnerable to overweight and obesity.


It stimulates metabolism

Indeed, having breakfast gives a signal to your body in order to start burning calories and not to store them. This way it prevents the storage and the gain of fat.


It allows to eat healthier

In fact by doing so, it will allow you to eat healthier by having meals at regular hours.



Having a coffee and a croissant is not enough and does not mean that you have had a good breakfast. It has to be healthy and well-balanced.  It should contain the right proportions of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  Here are the four elements of the ideal breakfast!


A cereal product

In the form of bread or cereals, they bring complex carbohydrates that provide energy for the whole morning. Opt for wholemeal bread  or low fat cereals, slightly sweet and rich in fibres. A piece of advice: compare the product labels and look at the recommended proportions. All the pastries such as croissants, cookies, buns and other things are to be eaten intermittently.  


A dairy product

Such as milk, white cheese, yoghurt or even cheese are rich in calcium which is particularly important for the growth and strength of bones. They also provide vitamin D, necessary for the calcium to fix on the bones and proteins, good for muscles and bones. If you cannot digest milk properly, eat yoghurt, whose live cultures help to digest lactose.


A fruit

You can choose between seasonal fruits, squeezed juice, 100% fruit juices or compotes without added sugar. Fruits provide vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C, which help not to be tired, but also fibres, good for the digestion. Fruit yoghurt, compotes or jam are not regarded as a portion of fruits because they contain little fruits and a lot of sugar.


A beverage

If you do not consume it in the form of a dairy product or a fruit, do not forget to drink a hot beverage, a tea or a coffee, preferably without sugar or a glass of water, which will contribute to keep the organism hydrated. Indeed hydration is as important as diet.


At what time can I have breakfast?

Breakfast has normally to be taken in the 30 minutes after waking up. The body metabolism slows down when you are sleeping and in order to re-establish it to a normal level, you should eat something in the first minutes.


Now you have all the keys in your hands to begin your day in a good way.


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