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Best way to prepare and be for internship

It has been years now that more and more students are required to attend internships and stages before concluding their studies. Some, instead choose to do it for their own experience or CV delineation.

The attendance of an internship could be very struggling sometimes or even just searching for the right internship for you.  

First of all, the greatest problem is what kind of internship should one choose, well, this is an easy and difficult question at the same time.

Obviously, we would think as long as it is in the field that concerns our studies we should be fine in putting ourselves in a new job. This is not always this way, because a lot of doubts come out as soon as we read the site of the company we are applying at or when we speak with friends and family searching for advice. Sometimes it can be in the same field we are studying but we do not like the ambiance or neither what we are doing. So, it is very important to look closely at what and where we are applying. It is not easy, we have a lot of things to considerate: from the field to the place, from the costs to the people we are going to work with.

This can be scary if we haven’t had experiences before in the working system, of course if we do not try we will never get over it. The best way is to search well for the best offer, not only the professional aspects  but even on the living point of view. One cannot be fine in dealing with the job if you are not happy with what and who is around you. Yes, it’s true that we cannot choose who is around us but we can try and create a positive and harmonious atmosphere only by smiling and thinking the best way possible doing your job correctly. This way of being has to be with you before you start your internship, because after can be more and more difficult.

One of the latest types of internships chosen by students are in foreign countries.

Why this? The answers change regarding to people. Mostly to change their routine, others to learn or get better in a different language that maybe they are studying and others to have a complete living and learning  experience. Now, this type is a very risky one but at the same time maybe the most formative. You will find yourself in a different country with a different language and this is the first thing that could create a wall in front of you if you are not capable of absorbing as much as you can to deal with a reality different from yours. This is even what makes you grow faster, as to get on with different culture and different ways of living especially for whom has their own standardized routine. Instead for the shire this is sometimes a hard approach but it can work on you to get out of your shell and to start being more comfortable with people around you.

You learn how to stay and talk to people, you learn how to live alone and how to manage daily tasks, you organize yourself. There won’t be anyone behind you to guide you in this. It’s the best way to learn how to deal with itself and others.

It is a hard decision to leave home, changing life and views, sometimes you have to adapt yourself even if you are not keen in this. We have to try and get the best out of it, as though we were sponges and absorb the good and learn from the bad; at the same time we have to work hard and always go on sometimes even if we don’t like what we are doing or we feel with to little tasks to complete, but we have to learn even how to deal with not doing much.

The best way to prepare each other for this kind of experience is a mental preparation to what is the new environment about and what kind of job you will have to deal with that could be simple or hard, under pressure or not. You have to believe in yourself even if you are one of those people that prefer staying on their own, shy or just are afraid of not being capable or with to little experience. You need that prick of confidence necessary to make you put your foot out of your comfort zone, that can be out of the school ambiance or in a total different country. I am not saying to change yourself but to adapt as best as possible so that you can feel in the best way possible and to relate and work with different people exchanging your knowledge and putting together your ideas, because most of us are aiming at the same goal.

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