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Behaviour in a workplace

Lately, this topic has become more important than in the past. When you have to sustain an interview, the employer pays attention to your behaviour as a potential employee. The employer judges the person you are and then he decides if you are better than another one. People do not pay attention to it, but if you want to find a job, the body language is as important as the mind attitude in order to take care of small but important things.

When you are at work, you have to show your skills (arriving on time at work, being full of energy to work all day, being organized, focusing on your goals but also focusing on the company goals). You also have to show your willingness to work, to learn new skills, new abilities. An efficient person has to be able to work under pressure, when there is a lot of work to do, you have to be able to work in different departments if it is necessary for the growth of the company, you have to be able to answer to the CEO or to his manager and to be productive (not just quantity but quality work).

One of the most important words to remember when people are in a workplace is “Respect”. When you respect people you can create a team full of synergy and harmony, you are able to work together and you are able to find good solutions for the company. With the respect there are lots of connected actions, for example listening to the others when there is a meeting, grab the ideal moment to illustrate your idea or to find a better idea thanks to the help of the others.

To conclude it is important to be focused on what you have to do and not be distracted about anything happening in your workplace. If you are not efficient, you waste your time and your company’s time.

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